Beans's Information

Breed: Bully,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 9 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Richmond CA

Beans is a loving rescue at 9 years old. Shes incompatible with younger kids and animals but is a relaxed companion for adults. We’ve had her for 5 years but due to the pandemic can no longer afford housing with a yard which is essential for her. Just want someone who can accommodate her needs as she loves love people!!

– Firstly, she is a single pet home with no small children type of dog. She is aggressive at the sight of any animals and running children excite her so walking in public areas is also not reccomended in the daytime. I take her for longer walks at night with no issue.

-That being said, she LOVES ADULT HUMANS. She is a big cuddler and her favorite spot is to be right beside you on her bed. She will betray you immediately for any human with a good manicure though – she loves scritches from people with long nails!!

– She has a strong sit and stay, but will disregard all commands in the presence of anything she is aggressive towards. If you do not have a yard with privacy, she is not the dog for you.

-Likes to play with rubber bones and ropes. No bad chewing habits like furniture or shoes. Likes to tug and be chased for a few minutes here and there but spends most time on her bed since she’s a little old lady. She goes INSANE over laser pointers. She will either wear herself out, or start nipping at the pointer in your hand if she wears you out first. Not in an aggressive fashion, but we put it up once she gets demandy.

-Peanut butter and Salmon are her favorite!! Especially together – which is gross but to each their own. She typically has a small part of her dinner with a Tbsp of peanut butter smeared inside a kong toy for a nightly decompression session in her kennel where it’s quiet and dark and she can lick until her heart’s content!

-Noises outside, thunder, fire alarms and things like that give her the shakes and scare her sometimes. During these ‘shakes,’ I’ll usually wrap her in a blanket to swaddle her some. She either likes to be near us or in her kennel for these. The nightly kennel session is kind of there to alleviate any stress she may have faced in the day while we weren’t home.

-Comes with 2 beds, large crate, several toys, grooved food bowl, automated running water bowl, leash, harness, and muzzle.

-I also have current vet papers. She takes a medication for mild allergies and costs ~14$ a month.

All in all, Beans is an amazing dog. One of the coolest ever honestly. But this pandemic has left my spouse and I with financial woes like many and we’re leaving the home we currently rent for smaller. We can’t compromise this wonderful dog with a vibrant life into such a small space. The yard is a must. A sweet and loving rescue like her deserves the best.

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