Dib's Information

Breed: Kelpi mix,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Livermore California

Dib is a high energy breed that needs someone to keep his mind and body busy. He lives with a cat now and is sad that she refuses to play with him. He loooves water and if you have a pool he would be ecstatic.  We got the dog from a friend whose health was failing and she could not care for Dib.  Dib is a healthy dog and up to date on all vaccinations including canine influenza.  Dib is completely potty trained and will ask to go out.  He is also crate trained and sleeps in his crate overnight and for naps.  He is obsessed with balls, he will fetch all day. He also enjoys a good game of tug. He has a lot of puzzle toys and figures new ones out quickly.

We are looking to rehome him because we cannot provide him with the exercise and mental stimulation he needs. We live in a very small home with no yard and its not a good life for him. He’s stir crazy.

No rehoming fees are to be collected. Any violation of this should be reported here immediately. Violators posts will be removed.

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