Nala's Information

Breed: Pit Mix,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 2 Years
Can live with: Cats, Children,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Livermore, CA

Nala is such a sweet girl! While she does have a lot of energy, she is perfectly happy spending the day cuddling with you on the couch. She currently lives in a house with 4 other dogs and 2 cats. Unfortunately, she is no longer getting along with our 3 year old female pup and it is in everyone’s best interest that she finds a new forever home. She does take care of our 8-month-old male pup and tolerates him very well. We are asking that she be the ONLY dog in the house because she is slightly unpredictable when it comes to other dogs and she needs/loves every drop of attention she can get. She has been around other dogs since I occasionally foster or board and she did great with them, no issues at all so she can be around other dogs but we aren’t too sure about living with other dogs. The only dog she seems to have an issue with is my 3 year old female, but better safe than sorry when looking for a new home. Nala is crate trained and has been in her crate for extended periods of time while we were at work or running some out of towns errands, never has had an accident in her crate. She will need lots of toys and bones to chew on, otherwise your clothes will become very holey!  She may try to hold your hand with her mouth, I promise she is not going to bite but it’s her way of demanding attention. She loves to play and would make a great work out partner! When my boyfriend was working out, he would take her on his runs and let her run off leash, but walks were always on leash. She definitely is not the brightest crayon in the box, but that is part of her goofy charm. When Nala first came home she did live with young children but it has been a year since they moved out, so we don’t recommend a household with children because it has been a while and she is a jumper and will accidentally knock kids over. She does occasionally chase the cats, but it is a quick chase and NEVER harms them or even catches them. Nala is a dork but a very loving dork and will warm your heart the moment you meet her. We are hoping to stay in touch with her new forever family as it is a very difficult decision for us to let her go. She’s young and still needs a lot of training but she really is a sweet dog and protects our backyard very well. She hardly barks and if she does then that means someone she doesn’t care for is near the house.

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