Vegas's Information

Breed: she appears to be at least part Turkish Van,
Gender: Female
Age Range: 6 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Livermore, CA

Vegas is a beautiful and curious kitty who manages to be equal parts alpha and very very timid. She loves: sunshine, staring out the window, chasing toys on hardwood, playing with string, sitting in your Amazon boxes and fuzzy blankets. Once bonded to you, she will call out for you when you’re in another room and “talk” to you when she finds you. She makes an excellent WFH buddy. She loves sitting next to your laptop while you work, and will occasionally crash a Zoom meeting—to the delight of your screen-weary colleagues. Vegas makes an excellent cuddle companion, and will gladly get cozy with you on a bed or couch (providing no one “scary” is nearby). Her favorite is curling up next to you while you’re sleeping. She will gladly stunt double for your body pillow, if you’ll let her.

But for all her lovely qualities, Vegas also has some quirks which make her challenging for would be owners with kids, pets or male partners or roommates. After a year with Vegas, it’s become clear that her ideal home is just with a human mom (or two!). She bonds easily with women (eventually letting overnight lady guests get a pet in), but she is very fearful of men (she will hide from male guests and consistently kept her distance from my husband). Vegas also wants to be your only child. She is very anxious around children (which manifests itself as hissing and growling at them, or hiding from them, even if they aren’t showing any interest in her) and was mostly uninterested in her litter mate (VHS dubbed them “unbonded” as a pair). As she is an alpha, she would likely be aggressive with another cat and fearful of your dog.

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